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How Dessert Pizza is Changing the Game

The two dessert pizzas offered by proper pizza

Ahh, pizza. Gourmet, so cheesy, so crisp. One of the world’s most beloved foods, pizza can be found almost anywhere you go. While different places have different kinds of pizza, and everyone can’t agree on whether pineapple belongs on top, the core ingredients of pizza are always the same: baked dough, tomato sauce, and cheese. […]

Halal Pizzas on Our Menu Explained

Halal stamp

Everyone deserves the chance to order from a gourmet pizza menu, so we’ve made it a point to have halal options on ours! However, we realised that a lot of people don’t fully understand what “halal” really means, despite its relevance to the Muslim community and prevalent presence in many restaurant menus, so we’re going […]

The Benefits of Corporate Pizza Catering

business team sharing pizza

The corporate environment can be fast-paced and demanding, but relaxing with your colleagues at the end of the day—the best pizza in Auckland in hand—makes it all worthwhile. Here at Proper Pizza, we have our roots in Europe, where “family” means the congregation of people around tables and tables of delicious food. Is there any […]

Auckland’s Wacky New Pizza Joint Offers Toppings Like Ice Cream and Marmite

Pizza purists will likely choke on their chewy wood-fired crust when they discover that Auckland’s newest pizza joint has a pie topped with yoghurt and strawberries. But then, Proper Pizza isn’t exactly trying to follow the Napoletana pizza rulebook; the company’s marketing spiel claims that it creates pizzas “that no New Zealander has ever seen […]


Proper Pizza on O’Connell Street is bringing together unique flavours inspired by the rich history, cuisine and delicious ingredients of Europe. Made fresh daily, Proper Pizza’s hand-kneaded doughs are tailored for a range of needs and tastes. A special tomato sauce forms the foundation, enriched with a mixture of exotic spices, delicious vegetables and produce, fresh […]

If you’ve been scouring Auckland to find a superb thin-crust pizza, your search stops here

Pizza, though universally loved, can certainly be a divisive topic. Thin crust or thick? Neopolitan or new age? And last but not least: should fruit be allowed? Today’s definition of what makes a pizza ‘good’ remains largely unresolved but one name pushing the boundaries is a new O’Connell Street locale going by the authoritative name […]