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New to Our Menu: Sweet & Savoury Focaccia Bread!

Freshly baked Focaccia displayed on a wooden plate

New to Our Menu: Sweet and Savoury Focaccia Bread! The invention of Focaccia bread dates back almost two thousand years ago in Northern Italy. This age-old recipe has survived generations and is still as delicious as its first creation. From its beginnings, Focaccia bread fast became a staple in the Italian home and in turn […]

An In-Depth Look at Pizza Around the World

Pizza! Such a glorious creation that it’s no wonder most cultures around the world have their own version—various toppings combined in creative, mouth-watering ways from Japan to Poland. Come on a gourmet pizza journey with us, starting off with some classics, before venturing into the more obscure offerings out there. Italy: Neapolitan With Italy being […]

Traditional vs. Unique: How Our Pizzas Co-Exist

The key to making a gourmet pizza in Auckland—or really, anywhere—is to consider how you can make it unique! Creating a unique flavour profile just for the sake of standing out isn’t enough. This can lead to contrived flavours, notes that don’t gel on the palette and instead clash. Proper Pizza focuses on using traditional […]

Auckland’s Biggest Round Pizza: When & Why to Dive into Our 60cm Pie

Birthday parties, corporate events, nights on the couch with Netflix and a yearning for lots of delicious pizza—these are all prime opportunities to buy one of the coolest dishes Proper Pizza is known for: our sixty-centimetre pizza! Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, but ours is anyway! It’s the biggest round pizza available in Auckland, and […]