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Love’s in the Air: Moments That Call for Heart-Shaped Pizza

Your typical gourmet pizza is already nothing to scoff at, but some occasions call for something a little extra—occasions that walk the line between a casual night in with your favourite pizza and a huge accomplishment that deserves some full-on celebration. What better way to elevate these occasions that with a heart-shaped pizza base? Here […]

How Dessert Pizza is Changing the Game

The two dessert pizzas offered by proper pizza

Ahh, pizza. Gourmet, so cheesy, so crisp. One of the world’s most beloved foods, pizza can be found almost anywhere you go. While different places have different kinds of pizza, and everyone can’t agree on whether pineapple belongs on top, the core ingredients of pizza are always the same: baked dough, tomato sauce, and cheese. […]

The Benefits of Corporate Pizza Catering

business team sharing pizza

The corporate environment can be fast-paced and demanding, but relaxing with your colleagues at the end of the day—the best pizza in Auckland in hand—makes it all worthwhile. Here at Proper Pizza, we have our roots in Europe, where “family” means the congregation of people around tables and tables of delicious food. Is there any […]