Our Story

Who is Proper Pizza?

We believe in always doing things the Proper way and is there anything more proper than Proper Pizza?

Proper Pizza has travelled far to arrive in New Zealand, emerging from the rich history, cuisine and delicious ingredients of Europe. The unique flavours are now being brought here for all New Zealanders to enjoy, starting in Auckland.

Made fresh daily, the hand-kneaded doughs are tailored for a range of needs and tastes. A special tomato sauce forms the foundation, enriched with a mixture of exotic spices, delicious vegetables and produce, fresh farm meats, and the very best of New Zealand’s cheeses results in a pizza that no New Zealander has ever seen nor tasted before.

And all this in an environment designed for you. Feel relaxed, entertained with our mood lighting, great music and refined taste that reflect the ethos of Proper – the good guys of Pizza. Enjoy your delicious pizza with a cool craft beer or quality wine and stay as long you want.

Why Proper Pizza? We want a place where New Zealanders can enjoy pizza cooked to perfection in a space that lets them be who they are, no matter what time of day (or night).

Good times, great food, it must be Proper Pizza.

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